Innovation Digest – June 2021 Vol. 2

I founded my company with the goal to contribute to intelligent health policy and practice that benefits real people. I learned through personal experience and the mentorship of many others with the audacity to dream of a better health care system. This edition, I include the obituary of a legend and friend who challenged me to think bigger both politically and in my own personal journey. If we measure our life’s impact by the betterment of others, then Dick van Horn leaves a high bar for the rest of us. Particularly as we grapple with the astounding inequity that continues to pervade our system of care, there is an opportunity to rededicate ourselves to a vision like his: no wrong door for services, whatever it takes for recovery and a whole life, and both the humanity and the resources to make it happen.

In this issue:

  • Richard Van Horn, Episcopal priest who revolutionized California’s approach to mental illness, dies at 81
  • A National Goal to Advance Health Equity Through Value-Based Payment
  • Enlisting Mental Health Workers, Not Cops, In Mobile Crisis Response
  • Addressing Demographic Disparities in Clinical Trials
  • A surprising pandemic side effect: People are more engaged with their health
  • Why Discrimination is a Health Issue
  • Policy actions for enabling Precision Financing Solutions
  • UMMS and Johns Hopkins Health leaders: Here’s why we’re requiring vaccination for staff
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