Innovation Digest – May 2021 Vol. 2

If we are truly dedicated to the notion that science leads, we must accelerate the pace at which science translates to practice. COVID taught us that hard lesson, and also showed us ways to achieve nimbleness. We also must recalibrate what science measures and investigates. New and inquisitive research must look at our biological, geographical, and socio-economic differences, and challenge status quo systems to deliver value from the perspective of individuals and families who experience both episodic and life-altering health conditions. It’s painstaking work, but it is essential if we hope to define and deliver world-class care, equitably, to all.

In this issue:

  • Putting Stakeholder Engagement at the Center of Health Economic Modeling for Health Technology Assessment in the United States
  • Luck is not a strategy: The world needs to start preparing now for the next pandemic
  • A Primary Care Physician for Every American, Science Panel Urges
  • Epic, Humana ramp up partnership to focus on streamlining prior authorizations
  • Direct-To-Consumer Telemedicine Visits For Acute Respiratory Infections Linked To More Downstream Visits
  • Op-Ed: Insurers Bet Big on Bribing Patients
  • Let’s banish the term ‘patient’ from the health care lexicon
  • Health tech companies form a new coalition to advance the role of real-world data
  • Healthcare Delivery Disrupted? The Rise Of Platforms In Healthcare
  • Time To Set Aside The Term ‘Low-Value Care’—Focus On Achieving High-Value Care For All
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