Innovation Digest – May 2022 Vol. 2

It is challenging to avoid cynicism about the groundswell of support for patient-centricity and equity as change drivers, when we continue to see open racism, and discrimination for those that inconveniently lie outside “the average patient,” in policy and practice. For those who are investing time, money and energy: seek authenticity in your potential partners. Committees and initiatives are a laudable step, but do policies align with patient needs and clear support for equity? Are community individuals represented in the design and governance of such efforts? Are identified problems addressed with both timeliness and humility? Are corporate investment and PAC contributions aligned with these same themes? Resource needs to really achieve a patient-centered, equitable health system are high. Wherever you sit, make sure every dollar, hour of expertise, and ounce of sweat counts for those who may not have a place at the table.

In this issue:

  • Some health apps are able not just to diagnose diseases, but also to treat them
  • The rise of patient 2.0
  • Data sharing in health care is complicated. Industry executives discuss how they’re thinking about improving and using it
  • Why So Slow? Legislators Take on Insurers’ Delays in Approving Prescribed Treatments
  • New Documents Show How Drug Companies Targeted Doctors to Increase Opioid Prescriptions
  • The Private Sector Steps In to Protect Online Health Privacy, but Critics Say It Can’t Be Trusted
  • 11 Ways To Form Mutually Beneficial Nonprofit Relationships
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