Innovation Digest – November 2020 Vol. 2

Especially this week, remember to be thankful for good health and for the front-line health care workers who are bravely caring for those who are sick. We have many challenges to overcome yet, most especially the fraying of the public’s trust in science and in expert sources of information that can keep us healthy. The innovation and dismantling of traditional silos in care emerging from 2020 holds possibility, if we can collectively move past short-term, win-lose policy and action. I’m grateful for fresh thinking and the promise of a new start in 2021.

In this issue:

  • When False Information Goes Viral, COVID-19 Patient Groups Fight Back
  • Many Employers Avoid Coronavirus Tests Over Cost, Not Availability
  • Insurers, labs point fingers over COVID-19 test coverage, prices
  • Ensuring Equitable Access To COVID-19 Vaccines In The US: Current System Challenges And Opportunities
  • Consideration Of Value-Based Pricing For Treatments And Vaccines Is Important, Even In The COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Mental health startup Headway nabs $26M backed by Google Ventures, Thrive Capital
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