Innovation Digest – November 2022 Vol. 3

We hear often that a key to avoiding cynicism and despair is gratitude. In this week of thanksgiving, I’m grateful for the meaningful work I’ve engaged in over the last ten years leading Momentum Health Strategies. I’m also thankful for amazing colleagues, friends, family, and for the health and prosperity that we enjoy. I’m reminded by this week’s articles that the voice and lived experience of people must be our guide in health care, and that eliminating inequities in access, outcomes, and financial burden must be our goal.

In this issue:

  • Evaluating MDD Treatment Attributes
  • It’s Time for a Reckoning in the Field of Health Equity Research
  • Unseen mental health experts: people with mental illness
  • A New Category of “Never Events”—Ending Harmful Hospital Policies
  • How Banks and Private Equity Cash In When Patients Can’t Pay Their Medical Bills
  • Mistrust and Polarization Steer Rural Governments to Reject Federal Public Health Funding
  • Take My Word for It: We Need the EHR to Let Patients Add Health Information
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